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Some Bathing Beauty pictures from Mack Sennett's World War I feature-length comedy YANKEE DOODLE IN BERLIN.

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                                                                  Marie Prevost

Alice Maison

Sheet Music

On the sheet music, starting from left: Myrtle Lind, Marie Prevost, Phyllis Haver, Alice
Maison, Harriet Hammond, Phyllis Haver again and Alice again. Mack Sennett is
front and center


Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties

From "Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties" on facebook.

Third from left is Elva Diltz, then Virginia Fox, Phyllis Haver, Sibyl Seely, Marion Aye, unknown.


Phyllis Haver Photos

Phyllis Haver with Ben Turpin in a publicity picture for Mack Sennett comedies.

Phyllis Haver with Buster Keaton in a publicity picture for BALLOONATIC.

                    Phyllis Haver on the cover of the August 1929 issue of SCREENLAND


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Bebe Daniels In The Hoosegow

More on Bebe Daniels in the Hoosegow.

A Birthday Serenade for Bebe Daniels!
Abe Lyman and his orchestra serenade Bebe Daniels in jail. The wicked old jailer won’t let them bring a piano into the jail so Abe Lyman, Gus Arnheim, Bill Diamond, Roy Fox, Jess Stafford, Charles Pierce, Henry Halstead and Jake Garcia stood outside her cell window and played for her.

Bebe Daniels arrested for speeding.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bebe Daniels In The Hoosegow

Bebe Daniels got jailed for speeding. Here is an article by Bebe Daniels herself from PHOTOPLAY July - Dec. 1921.

Bebe Daniels in jail:

Ralph De Palma:


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Plaque For The Mabel Normand Soundstage

They named a stage after Mabel Normand at the old Republic studio, which used to be the Mack Sennett studio before Republic got it. Here is the name plaque from this stage.

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