Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Gang Ad For 7 Up

This is a 7 Up ad from the seventies, utilizing a picture of the Out Gang kids to which they have added 7 Up bottles.

I imagine the kids were not actually involved in this campaign and didn't make any money out of it, just as they didn't make anything when their films were run on television.


Poster For FREE EATS

A 1952 Monogram reissue poster for FREE EATS.

It seems that Monogram put in the names of various members of the gang whether they were in the film the poster was for or not. Incidentally, Monogram also made the "East Side Kids" movies with "Sunshine Sammy" ( Ernie Morris ) who had been in Our Gang comedies when he was a little boy. Thelma Todd made the movie KLONDIKE at Monogram in 1932.


Press Sheet For FREE EATS

Press sheet for FREE EATS, an Our Gang comedy produced by the Hal Roach Studio 1n 1932.

An item at lower right proclaims that Spanky McFarland is a new member of the gang. FREE EATS marked his first appearance in an Our Gang comedy.

The old type of artwork seen on these posters tended to depict black people in a way that has since been criticized. But at the time these films were made it was unusual for movies to even depict people of different races as friends, the way the kids were in these films.



Monday, August 18, 2014

Huntz Hall

Today is the birthday of Huntz Hall

who was one of the original Dead End Kids, later a member of the East Side Kids and the Bowery Boys. Like Dorothy Appleby, Huntz Hall and the Dead End Kids came from Broadway.


Dorothy Appleby - 1933 YOUNG SINNERS Playbill

This is from the last year Dorothy Appleby was in this play.


Dorothy Appleby Posters



1933 Discount Ticket For YOUNG SINNERS

Dorothy Appleby "YOUNG SINNERS" Elmer Harris 1933 Promotional Discount Ticket

This is a rare promotional coupon offering ticket discounts for the 1933 Broadway revival of the ELMER HARRIS comedy "YOUNG SINNERS" at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City. (The Original Broadway production opened November 28th, 1929 at New York's Morosco Theatre and ran for 289 performances. This revival opened March 6th, 1933 and ran for 72 performances.) ..... The play starred DOROTHY APPLEBY and the cast included ARTHUR BOWER, JOHN BRAMALL, MAIDA CARRELL, PAUL CLARE, DOROTHY DIANNE, JACKSON HALLIDAY, ALFRED A. HESSE, VIRGINIA LLOYD, PERCY MOORE, DAVID MORRIS, PADDY REYNOLDS, FRANK SHANNON, HILDA SPONG, FREDDIE STANGE and RALPH SUMPTER ..... CREDITS: Book by ELMER HARRIS; Sets designed by ROLLO WAYNE; Directed by CARL HUNT; Produced by THOMAS KILPATRICK ..... DETAILS: This rare promotional ticket measures 4 1/4" X 2 3/4" inches and includes performance details and ticket prices.