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Paula Stone Party

Thelma Todd with the candy at Paula Stone's party, with Jeanette MacDonald and Patsy Kelly.


Wheeler And Woolsey And Friends On Tour

Wheeler and Woolsey made personal appearance tours, and some of the girls who worked with them in the movies went with them on these tours. Dorothy Lee, the girl who worked with them most often, went on more than one of these tours.  And Thelma Todd went with them on one tour.


10/27/1933 EHE Harrison Carroll

Going the personal appearance idea one better, Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Thelma Todd and Dorothy Lee will join together in a musical comedy and make a swing through Texas, up the South Atlantic Coast, the middle west and finally to New York.

The vehicle, "Dumb Bells," is all ready and the four-starred caravan will leave Hollywood soon after they finish HIPS, HIPS HOORAY at RKO. They plan to play engagements at Phoenix, El Paso, Fort Worth, Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit and on to Broadway.

If you can believe it's enthusiastic backers, "Dumb Bells" will not be the thrown-together show such as you road audiences have been victimized by in the past. Tim Whelan, Wheeler and Woolsey collaborated on the book, and the veteran team of Kalmar and Ruby have furnished the songs.

Betty Grable went with them on another.

Betty Grable had evidently made a splash in THE GAY DIVORCEE in 1933, singing "Let's K-nock K-nees"  and dancing with Edward Everett Horton,

but wouldn't be considered a big star until the forties.

Betty Grable became the top pin-up girl of the second World War.

Here we see Betty Grable being interviewed on the radio by Paula Stone in the 1940's.

Betty Grable:

Dorothy Lee:

Dorothy Lee on personal appearance tour with Wheeler and Woosey:

Wheeler And Woolsey:

Wheeler And Woolsey Fan Page:


Wheeler And Woolsey With Thelma Todd And Dorothy Lee

Dorothy Lee frequently appeared in films with Wheeler and Woolsey. Thelma Todd made two pictures with them, HIPS HIPS HOORAY ahd COCKEYED CAVALIERS.


Bert Wheeler with Thelma Todd. 

 Thelma Todd with Bert Wheeler's cigar and glasses.

Dance scene-  Wheeler and Woolsey with Dorothy Lee and Thelma Todd. 

Dorothy Lee with Wheeler.

Wheeler and Woolsey.



Wheeler and Woolsey are shown on the cover along with Ruth Etting, who made many musical short subjects, but appeared in few features.


Wheeler And Woolsey With Dorothy Lee

Bob Woolsey, Dorothy Lee and Bert Wheeler play with what appears to be a Cubby Bear* puzzle.

*Van Buren studios cartoon character, similar to Mickey Mouse.  The cartoons were released by RKO, the studio Wheeler and Woolsey were working for. 


Wheeler And Woolsey In ACTION COMICS #1

ACTION COMICS #1 introduced Superman, and Wheeler and Woolsey characters would appear in Superman stories. But Wheeler and Woolsey themselves also appeared on this page in ACTION COMICS #1.

Wheeler and Woolsey characters in Superman stories:


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