Saturday, November 22, 2014

CINEGRAMAS Feb. 17, 1935

CINEGRAMAS was a Spanish language movie magazine. This particular issue has an ad for the movie YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU with Thelma Todd and Stanley Lupino, which had been made in 1933.


DOLORES DEL RIO cover + inside art by Herreros for Cinegramas issue # 23 (02/17/1935); rare in this area (Cinegramas only lasted about 98 issues, between 1934-36, before the plant was bombed at the beginning of the Spanish war)    
CONTENTS include photos and sometimes articles on these stars:      *Back cover perfume ad (see photo 2)      *Dolores Del Rio by Herreros (pic 3)      *Thelma Todd ad + Fredric March (pic 4, 5)       *Anna Mae Wong (pic 6)      *Fredric March, Charles Laughton, Norma Shearer with "Oscar" from A.A. night (photo 7)      *Alice Faye      *Adolphe Menjou      *Kay Francis      *Kate Hepburn      *Dick Powell     *Other stars  


Friday, November 21, 2014


ALL TEED UP was a two-reel comedy Thelma Todd made with Charley Chase, but there were also foreign language versions with different leading ladies.  Here is a publicity photo that Randy Skretvedt put on facebook.

Randy Skretvedt:
 Charley Chase still, a promo not only for "All Teed Up" but also for the French and Spanish editions, "Le joueur de golf" and "El jugador de golf." This was shot in 1930, and it's surprising how many of the folks shown here would be gone in just a few years. Thelma Todd (died 1935), Jack Hill (1963), Linda Loredo (1931), Georgette Rhodes (1977), Charley Chase (1940), Edgar Kennedy (1948).


Thursday, November 20, 2014