Monday, March 30, 2015

Sally Rand

And, here is Sally Rand in her birthday suit.


Birthday Of Mary Brian

Today is also the birthday of actress Mary Brian (1906–2002)


Birthday Of Virginia Rappe

Today is also the birthday of the tragic Virginia Rappe (1891–1921).

Much has been written about her connection with the Fatty Arbuckle scandal, but I can add nothing, save that misfortune befell them both.


Birthday Of Louise Brooks

Today is also the birthday of Louise Brooks (1906-1985)!


Birthday Of Bessie Love

Today is the birthday of silent film star Bessie Love (1898–1986).

The early silent movie actresses had long hair. Later they had the girls bob their hair, something they did to Thelma Todd when she got in the movies.


Pete The Pup Photo

From the Laurel And Hardy Archive on facebook.

Atlantic City
Steel Pier souvenir photo with Pete The Pup
Mid 30s


Hal Roach Dancing With Marlene Dietrich

From the Laurel and Hardy Archive on facebook.

Snapshot of HAL ROACH dancing with MARLENE DIETRICH

In the second World War, Marlene Dietrich devoted the most time to entertaining the troops of any actress. Carole Landis may have been in second place; she also used to work for Roach.