Monday, February 18, 2013

Abraham Merritt Biography By Sam Moskowitz

Sam Moskowitz was an anthologist and an authority on science fiction and fantasy. This biography of Abraham Merritt was originally published in SATELITE SCIENCE FICTION.









Abe Merritt was a very popular author in his day, but has become somewhat obscure with the passing of time. I imagine that his books are no longer widely read. Years ago I read them, but then I began to notice things about his work that I didn't like, till finally I read it no more. There is a great deal of horror in these stories and it might be better not to spend too much time dwelling on such scenes of terror and carnage, particularly if you are suffering from poor health as am I.  Better to read things that seem to be more upbeat and yes, perhaps more normal than these works of dubious Merritt.

Abraham Merritt:

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