Thursday, February 13, 2014

PICTURE SHOW - July 8,1933

PICTURE SHOW was a British movie magazine. This particular issue has a sort of cartoon picture of Thelma Todd, accompanied by a little poem about her working with the Marx Brothers*.

"Thelma reached the silver screen
Because she was a beauty queen.
She's one of filmdom's brightest sparks
And features with the Brothers Marx."


A little about Zasu Pitts on this page.

Silvia Sydney was one of the girls whose well developed breasts were said to be "camera flaws".

Not everyone agreed, but that's what Hollywood said.




*Thelma Todd appeared in the Marx Brothers movies MONKEY BUSINESS ( 1931 ) and HORSE FEATHERS ( 1932 ). In 1933 Thelma Todd went to England to promote a movie she made with Laurel and Hardy, THE DEVIL'S BROTHER, but it seems the Marx Brothers films were what really impressed someone at PICTUREGOER.

The Marx Brothers:


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