Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thelma Todd In The Fan Magazines

More from the old fan magazines.

CINE MUNDIAL - Thelma Todd at Paramount .

THE HAUNTED HOUSE, directed by Benjamin Christenson at First National, was another horror comedy like SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN. Today it is considered a lost film.

Although the caption mentions Hal Roach, the picture appears to be from her days at Paramount in the silent era. Look at her lovely long hair. It's a shame they cut it off.

Several pages on the Hollywood social scene.

Thelma Todd and Pat DiCicco at right, middle of page.

Bottom row: Clark Gable and his first wife, Sally Eilers and Hoot Gibson.

Thelma Todd and Pat DiCicco at middle left.  Top: Mary Carlisle and Carole Lombard with William Powell.

Clara Bow in the middle of the page, Randolph Scott at right, Bottom: Chico Marx, Ginger Rogers, William Powell and Mervyn Le Roy.
 Top: George Raft, who was linked to Pat DiCicco and the New York Underworld. It was he who brought Mae West to Hollywood.

At middle left is Frank Fay, with Barbara Stanwyck, who at that time was married to him. Patsy Kelly worked with Frank Fay in New York.
At bottom is Lew Cody, who had been married to Mabel Normand and was Buster Keaton's best friend.
 MOTION PICTURE DAILY: Ad for Hal Roach films from 1934 mentions Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly along with Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang, and Charley Chase.

MOTION PICTURE DAILY: 1934 ad for THE POOR RICH. Edna Mae Oliver at left, Leila Hyams at right.

Thelma Todd at top, Edward Everett Horton on the right.

 The slogan "Step out with Universal" appeared in the ads for all their films in this period.


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