Thursday, November 13, 2014


SEEIN' STARS by Feg Murray and SCREEN ODDITIES by George Scarbo were two similar newspaper cartoons about movie stars.

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In THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1938, there was a scene in which Martha Raye stood admiring her reflection in a mirror and said, "What a shape!" It wasn't just her legs that were shapely, although that seems to have been what the publicity was focusing on in this period. Usually they just said she had a big mouth and that she was funny.

THE BULLFIGHTERS was the last movie Laurel and Hardy made in this country. Most of the pies they threw seem to have been thrown in one of their earlier ones, THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY. Although Gary Cooper's first leading role was opposite Thelma Todd in NEVADA, he didn't work with Laurel and Hardy at the beginning of his career, although Lupe Velez, Jean Harlow, and Paulette Goddard did.



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