Sunday, September 6, 2015

Autographed ONE TRACK MINDS Photo

Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts, Spanky McFarland and everyone involved in the production of ONE TRACK MINDS autographed this photo.

The girl on the left who is dressed in the same costume as Thelma Todd must be her stand-in.

Ebay seller's description:

This is a truly one-of-kind original photo taken on the Hal Roach lot in 1933, with autographs of the cast and crew of the Thelma Todd -- Zasu Pitts short, “One Track Minds.”  As well as signatures of Thelma and Zasu, there are autographs of 18 others, including director Gus Meins and Roach stock player Sam Carter. And yes, that is Spanky, who appeared in this short, on Zasu Pitts’ lap!


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  1. Danny Proctor: Fun to see Spanky sitting on ZaSu's lap. The older lady at right in black coat and hat is Fern Carter, the Roach lot school teacher