Saturday, September 1, 2018

Thelma Todd's Sidewak Cafe Photos

Some photos of Thelma Todd's Sidewalk café and the surrounding area.

 Posted by Michael Grahm in the Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook.

Out from the side of the cafe, the start of the concrete walkway Thelma Todd and guests would take to get the underpass that led to Castle Rock beach.

Heading to the beach... A lot of it in ruins, especially along the highway.

View of Castlerock (photoshop) as you cross the street.

There is a one hundred yard flat section with a rise at the far end that leads to a stair section and highway underpass across from the rock. This is where the highway was straightened out.

Cars used to whisk closer by before they straightened the highway. A higher and a lower wall made up the pathway through here. (See archive pics at the end of the set).

Walkway buried in shrubs careened up to this stairwell that dropped down to the underpass.

View from the stairwell.

Through the highway underpass.

At the beach 

Back to the Cafe: Underpass is halfway up the steps to the right.

Today the underpass (right) is blocked off. It was open until the end of the '60's.

Back from under the highway.

View between the two stair sections, looking south (east) toward the cafe.

Bits of the lower wall, right. We're on the walkway.

Back at Thelma's Cafe. 

Adam Tunney: I believe this picture was taken on the beach almost directly in front of the Sidewalk Café, albeit years before it belonged to Thelma Todd. The rock formations are still there, unless I'm mistaken.


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