Monday, March 22, 2021

Lost Thelma Todd Films Found


Two lost films featuring Thelma Todd have been found.

From Ron Hutchinson on Facebook:
It's always great when I can announce a "lost" film discovery, and today I can announce TWO!
First, Alice White's second starring feature, NAUGHTY BABY ('28) which had a Vitaphone music and sound effects track, has been found by our friend and author James Layton. You'll recall that three years ago, Alice's lost first starring feature, SHOW GIRL ('28) was found in Italy, and has been restored with its Vitaphone track. Warner Bros still needs to complete some work on re-doing the Italian inserts (headlines, business cards, notes, etc.) before it is again screened. I was able to show it at Film Forum last year and it is a fun film with a great peppy soundtrack of pop dance tunes. James now works at MOMA's film vaults in Pennsylvania, and noticed the NAUGHTY BABY title. So while technically not lost, it has been hiding and unknown for over 8 decades. Art Pierce has announced that Capitolfest will be screening NAUGHTY BABY with live piano accompaniment on August 12th (will post link in comments below). Meanwhile, The Vitaphone Project will be working with MOMA and Warner Bros to ultimately get the film re-synched with the surviving full set of Vitaphone disks!
The second discovery, 1929's First National feature CAREERS ('29) starring Billie Dove, has been found in Italy and again all of its Vitaphone disks survive. We are working with the involved parties to also get this film wedded to it's soundtrack disks.
Stay tuned on both fronts!
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CAREERS ('29) :


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