Friday, August 6, 2021



EXC ORIG 1935 THELMA TODD PATSY KELLY HOT MONEY DIALOUGE CUTTING CONTINUITY PERSONAL COPY OF  HAL ROACH   From the collection of a well known Hollywood-based movie historian, collector, author, archivist and intimate of the late great Hal Roach, comes this holy grail item for Roach fans. An original Dialogue Cutting Continuity to the classic THELMA TODD & PATSY KELLY short, HOT MONEY. Much like a script, DIALOGUE CUTTING CONTINUITIES  feature all the dialogue and shot descriptions (including titles) of each and every shot in the film. Cutting continuities also noted the shot #, how many 35mm feet and frames of film into the short that the shot appears. This information would be compiled by the Film Editor (in this case Louis McManus) and would serve as a record of all the shots for other key departments at the studio and for filing as proof of content with the U.S. Copyright office (often in lieu of sending an actual print of the film).  This is the personal file copy HAL ROACH himself, as per the hand written “Mr. Roach” that appears on the top right of the cover page. Continuity has  20 pages extensively detailing every shot and lines of dialogue in the short. Cover page notes this as Production A-35 in the Pitts-Todd series. Continuity is in excellent condition. Paper is supple and cream colored with a very slight crease that diminishes throughout the continuity. Piece is otherwise free of any rips, tears, stains or blemishes. Continuity is firmly affixed by two staples at the top. Final page and back cover page are in fully intact but detached. Unless you attended the Hal Roach Studios auction back in 1963, here is your chance to have an authentic piece of Hollywood history directly from the hallowed Culver City “Lot of fun”. Ultra rare Continuity is an amazing artifact from the golden age of movie making and sure to be prized collectible from the immortal Todd-Kelly short and the office of the immortal Hal Roach himself.


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