Friday, February 24, 2012

Glass Slides

Sabrina demonstrates the concept of "projection"

Glass slides were often shown in theaters to advertise coming attractions. Here are a few, starting with the silent era and continuing on after the coming of sound, that illustrate what you might have seen on the screen in the old days.

Victor McLagen had a girl in every port in this one. When he wasn't a sailor, they were someplace else.

Baby Peggy was popular in the silent era.
So was Mabel Normand

Fay Lanphier was both Miss America and "The American Venus".

Thelma Todd as Venus, which is about the same thing as being "Hot Toddy".


Elinor Glyn was the author who coined the term "It" for sex appeal. Clara Bow was christened "The It Girl".

Another with Clara Bow

A very old silent movie.

Buster Keaton is in trouble again... and he's in love.

A visually imaginative Buster Keaton movie.

Douglas Fairbanks and Lupe Velez

Douglas Fairbanks in a classic of the silent screen.

Douglas Fairbanks in one of his talkies.

The picture that made Harlow a star.

Airships were seen as a viable means of air travel prior to the Hindenberg disaster.

Thelma Todd as Alison Loyd, which is also about the same thing as "Hot Toddy".

Dorothy Lee was like another Ruby Keeler. She was in many Wheeler and Woolsey movies.

Barbara Stanwyck in a story set in old China.
Lupe Velez and Leon Errol

Carole Landis and Pat O'Brien in an intrigueing story

Carole Landis, "The Ping Girl", as "The Cadet Girl"

The use of slides to advertise films went on longer than you might think. Here are a couple from the 1950's.


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