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Some news items from THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, which was published by a man named William Wilkerson, who owned the Trocadero.  It's likely that he knew Thelma Todd.

Jan 18, 1933
Thelma Todd did work for Universal, but not with Zasu Pitts,with whom she worked at the Roach studio.
April 22, 1933 
Thelma Todd made the movie YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU in England.

April 25, 1933

Thelma Todd is on her way, while negotiations with Zasu Pitts are going on. Roach failed to meet her requirements and as a result she left the series.

Thelma Todd is already talking about divorcing Pat DiCicco.

Thelma Todd arrives in London to make the movie.

An announcement that Patsy Kelly has been hired by Roach which doesn't mention that she is replacing Zasu Pitts in the series with Thelma Todd.

Thelma Todd is staying at the same hotel as Bebe Daniels. Thelma Todd associate Austin Parker is mentoned in another article on this page.

Roach replaces Zasu Pitts with Patsy Kelly in the series with Thelma Todd. The series continued much as before, but Patsy Kelly was not considered as important as Zasu Pitts by the industry and the change could have been seen as a decline in quality.

Patsy Kelly is still on Broadway and Thelma Todd is still in England while all this is being decided. Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd remain friends after Zasu Pitts has left the series.

Thelma Todd mentioned as still being in London. Another article is about Jimmy Durante planning to make the movie PALOOKA, which Thelma Todd will also be in when she gets back.

 The Britsh movie YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU with Thelma Todd is mentioned again. Bebe Daniels was in England at the same time and eventually decided to live there.

                                              THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER:

Video of Thelma Todd, Pat DiCicco, Patsy Kelly, and Gus Meins around the time the series began:
William Wilkerson
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