Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thelma Todd In Traffic Accident In 1927

Thelma Todd was in a traffic accident in 1927.

Here we have an article on the incident from THE LOS ANGELES TIMES.

The part in the middle that is difficult to read says, "yesterday morning. As she swung from the studio entrance onto Santa Monica Boulevard the truck collided with her car, almost overturning it".

Reblogged from  . Carole Lombard had been in a traffic accident in 1926, and they put in the Thelma Todd article as an example of one of Carole Lombard's contemporaries who also had a traffic accident.

Quite a few movie people were in traffic accidents in that period. Cars were still kind of new at the time, and they were new to many of their drivers at any rate. There was a story about Charlie Chaplin buying his first car and trying to drive it without any kind of instruction. Once he wrecked it, the dealer was happy to sell him another. One of the Our Gang kids went driving without a license and apparently without any problem, although children weren't really supposed to be driving at that age. Others met with more serious results. Dorothy Dell, Marjorie White, and Tom Mix all died in traffic accidents.

Some, when observing drivers in trouble, would advise them to "get a horse". Horse-drawn wagons would remain in use for years. You see them every now and then in movies made prior to the second World War. After the war, their use seem to have become less common.

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