Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thelma Todd's Last Check

This may have been the last check Thelma Todd wrote before she died.
It was offered for sale on ebay in February of 2002 by Clark Smith, who told me:
"We think she filled up her gas tank in her car (a Buick?) and paid for it with that check. Perhaps somebody can examine her earlier writings (and compare to the check) to see if she was under stress when she wrote this check close to her death. There are handwriting experts who can tell your personality by your handwriting. Perhaps an old sample and this one might show differences.
Just a thought."
Studying handwriting can be useful to the authorities ( it helped catch the writer of the extortion notes to Thelma Todd, for example ), but I don't know if any attempt was ever made to compare examples of Thelma Todd's writing to see if they could learn anything that way. I've seen other samples of Thelma Todd's handwriting, and to me this looks about the same, but I am not an expert, and my opinion might not count for much.
Here we see a photo of the Muller Brothers station.

Their sign is visible in the background of this photo of a rooftop bowling alley,

with a girl bowling who might almost be Thelma Todd herself.


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