Monday, March 18, 2013

Photos For A Fan

A fan's photo collection from the thirties included Thelma Todd, along with a lot of others, all of which they carefully listed on an index. Which I have here on the blog along with a number of the other pictures.

                                                  The seller's description on ebay:

1934 Thelma Todd 5 by 7 Fan Portrait Photo

From an extraordinary private collection of over 200 Vintage Hollywood and Television photographs.
Look at her index with dates she collected each photo shown in the listing.

Here is the photo of Thelma Todd with her dog "Gallant", which was evidently widely circulated at the time.

And here are some of the other pictures in the collection.








And here is the index.



Quite a few popular favorites in there. Some fans of the day were able to amass such collections even in the depths of the depression. At that time there were people going to the movies even when they had little money to spend on anything else. The popularity of the movies has since declined, as has the quality of the movies themselves.


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