Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thelma Cards

A collection of collectible cards.

                                                           Ross Postcard, Germany

German Postcard

British Postcard


Facchino Cinema Chocolate Card. "Radio" is probably a reference to RKO pictures.
Hamilton Gum Card, Canada


Dutch Cigarette Card
Ardath Cigarette Cards, England, 1933



B.A.T  Cigarette Card
B.A.T Cigarette Card
B.A.T. Cigarette Card

1933 German Tobacco Card
1935 Gallaher Screen and Stage Tobacco Card ( British ) #4

Godfrey Phillips ( Australia ) 1934
Godfrey Phillips

Gold Tobacco Card

1935 De BEUKELAER movie star cookie/wafer card
Cigarette Cards:
Gum Cards:

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