Sunday, June 9, 2013

Harry Langdon Photos

A few more photos of Harry Langdon.

                                                                   Look ma, no hands!

                                                             THE SEA SQUAWK ( 1925 )

                                                          HIS FIRST FLAME ( 1925 )

With Mack Sennett's bathing beauties.
 In "Chinese" makeup.
Harry Langdon with first wife Helen Watson in 1929.
Another picture of them from the same period.

                                              With Nancy Dover at the Roach studio, 1929.

Nancy Dover would later work with him again at Educational.

                                                   KNIGHT DUTY ( 1933 ) with Nell O'Day

 Nell O'Day appeared in several films with Harry Langdon in this period.
With Al Jolson in HALLELUJAH I'M A BUM

This was intended as a comeback picture for both Al Jolson and Harry Langdon, but it flopped. 
Harry Langdon sculpting his mother out of clay, 1933.

Harry Landon drawing Nancy Carroll

on the set of ATLANTIC ADVENTURE, 1935.
Harry Langdon with wife Mabel and son Harry Langdon Jr. in 1935.
Harry Langdon and son
From Cindy Morgan's facebook page.
Harry Langdon with Elsie Ames, 1942.


Elsie Ames:

Nancy Carroll:

Nancy Dover ( Judith Barrett ):


Al Jolson:

Nell O'Day:'Day


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