Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thelma Todd Sheet Music

This is a story about sheet music with Thelma Todd on the cover, as sometimes happened in the thirties.

SMILE WHEN THE RAINDROPS FALL has Charley Chase, Laurel and Hardy, Harry Langdon, and the Our Gang Kids as well as Thelma Todd on the cover.

EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU was the song the Marx Brothers all sang to Thelma Todd in the movie HORSE FEATHERS. So not surprisingly, her picture is on the cover of this sheet music.

This version doesn't have Thelma Todd's picture on it.
Incidentally, Paramount's use of the name "Famous" for the "Famous Studios" animation studio  is related to their use of the name for their sheet music division.
That of course is Ginger Rogers on the cover, although you can see Thelma Todd's name listed at the lower left.
Pat Patterson on the cover, Thelma Todd's name also appears at lower right. "Movietone" was Fox, they also had "Movietone news".
 Some sheet music for COCKEYED CAVALIERS.

 With Wheeler and Woolsey on the cover, and Thelma Todd's name listed at lower right.
Then there was some sheet music Thelma Todd had in CHICKENS COME HOME.
The girl on the cover of this version could be Thelma Todd,

 which might seem to be appropriate since it's her sheet music. Although I think this version was made for the film.


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