Wednesday, February 18, 2015

From Mexico With Adulation Rides Again

American movie stars were very popular in latin america. Here is a Mexican fan magazine from January 4, 1936, Mujeres Deportes.

At the time this was written, Shirley Temple was the biggest star in the movies. 

The cartoon feature is Feg Murry's SEEIN' STARS.

Thelma Todd was still in the news at the beginning of 1936 as she had died recently and the investigation was still trying to figure out if it had been an accident, murder, or suicide. A question that still hasn't been decided absolutely.
Paula Stone, June Travis, Alma Lloyd, Kay Linaker, Marie Wilson and Eunice Healy appear to be singing Christmas carols in the picture at top right.*

And Shirley Temple can be seen again at bottom right.

* Paula Stone gave a party that Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly, and Marie Wilson went to towards the end of 1935. We've had a photograph that was taken at that party on the blog before. Jeanette McDonald was in it, too.

Paula Stone:

Marie Wilson:

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