Sunday, February 22, 2015


SPEAK EASILY was one of Buster Keaton's talkies which also starred Jimmy Durante and Thelma Todd. It was made at MGM in 1932 and was the only film Thelma Todd made at MGM ( the ones she made for Hal Roach were released by MGM, but are in a different category since they were not actually filmed at MGM ).

Buster Keaton and Ruth Selwyn

Buster Keaton and Thelma Todd.

Buster Keaton.



Buster Keaton's disastrous performance saves the show from being a disaster ( the audience thinks he's funny).
Buster Keaton and friends.

Buster Keaton would make only one other movie with Jimmy Durante at MGM before being fired, but audiences at the time had no hint at this time of the trouble that was to come.



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