Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dorothy Appleby In The Fan Magazines

Some Dorothy Appleby items from the fan magazines.

Here is one that says Dorothy Appleby is going to Pathe's acting school. This is similar to Paramount's selection of Thelma Todd and others for their acting school. 

motionpicturenews Feb 2, 1929

But Dorothy Appleby had already made movies prior to this. There is also a story that Thelma Todd had been in a couple of movies before she was at Paramount. 

This one is about Dorothy Appleby being cast in a movie that she doesn't seem to have ever made. 

Paul Bern was also involved in this project, but left Pathe shortly afterwards. He later went to MGM, where he married Jean Harlow. 

A review for AS THE EARTH TURNS from SILVER SCREEN, May 1934.

AS THE EARTH TURNS was a movie that turned up on youtube recently. You can watch it on this blog -use this link.

AS THE EARTH TURNS - Watch this movie here:

Dorothy Appleby filmography:



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