Sunday, October 31, 2021

Hollywood And The Occult


The author of this book, Kenneth Anger, was involved with both Hollywood and the Occult. Was this book produced with the aid of the occult? 

That has been alleged.

 Film historian vin KeBrownlow repeatedly criticized the book, citing Anger as saying his research method was "mental telepathy, mostly".

I believe the chapter on Thelma Todd contains stories that came from things that were misunderstood or distorted in retelling, because they appear to be strangelgarbled versions of the stories that we started out with.

The authors of this book, Patrick Jenning and Marshall Croddy, also felt that these things were misunderstood or distorted in retelling.

So that is something that we agree on.


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  1. Alex Burns said of Kenneth Anger's book on 5/1/2001: "His
    "Hollywood Babylon" material was based on extensive news
    clippings and research. It has been verified by others,
    such as Pre-Code Hollywood researcher Thomas Doherty.
    No seances required."