Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thelma Todd?

I frequently see pictures of other blondes misidentified as Thelma Todd. Here are a few.

This photo turned up on ebay as having Thelma Todd on the left. But Thelma Todd's first movie was supposed to have been FASCINATING YOUTH in 1926.

Notice the notation on the back about the girl on the left being Thelma Todd. This was added some time after the original caption.

Joan Peers ( with Buster Keaton )
Still from PARLOR, BEDROOM, AND BATH. A blog used this as a Thelma Todd picture.

From a blog.
Thelma Todd was in a movie called AIR HOSTESS, but this is a cartoon. The series name "Color Rhapsody" is a giveaway.

Joan Blondell
Misidentified as "Thelma Todd" in a well-known book. The author's a sort of a friend of mine, so I won't rat on him, except here.
Marlene Dietrich
This picture was labeled "Thelma Todd" on one site.

Mary Carlisle

Son Of A Sailor
Sold on ebay as a Thelma Todd photo. She's not in this picture, but she was in the movie.

Pat DiCicco And Friend.

Pat DiCicco And Friend's Backside
They started out with a reference to DiCicco having been married to Thelma Todd. After that things got confused

And this is the Real Thelma Todd.

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