Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harpo Speaks

Harpo, who never spoke as part of his act, nonetheless had something to say on the subject of Thelma Todd. And what did he tell us? He told us a great truth he learned about women.

"All blondes are Thelma Todds: all brunettes are Lila Lees."

Let's take a look at a few Thelma Todds and Lila Lees from the 1930's.


Thelma Todd herself.

Mae West. I guess her head points east and her feet do point west.

Jean Harlow, who can't sit down because her dress is too tight.

Joan Blondell, who can because she is unencumbered by clothing.

Ginger Rogers, hoping that Truman will show up.

Toby Wing was probably more famous from publicity photos than from the movies themselves.

Betty Grable in the thirties.

Helen Twelvetrees was popular in the talkies.

Carole Lombard in an early photo.

Virginia Bruce in another early photo.

Iris Adrian appeared in many comedies. She worked with Laurel and Hardy as well as Buster Keaton.

Alice White celebrates Easter.

Anita Page takes a stand.


Lila Lee herself.

Gloria Swanson in the talkie era.

Bebe Daniels started out with Harold Lloyd and went on to be a bigger star on her own.

Mae Busche, a star in the silent era, but less successful in talkies She worked with Laurel and Hardy then.

Lupe Velez, the "Mexican Spitfire". She worked with Laurel and Hardy.

Myrna Loy's up to some monkey business.

Maureen O'Sullivan played "Jane" in Tarzan movies.

Lona Andre in INTERNATIONAL HOUSE. She also worked with Buster Keaton.

Joan Peers, who was in PARLOR, BEDROOM, AND BATH with Buster Keaton.

Dorothy Sebastion worked with Buster Keaton and her career paralleled his in that both suffered a career downturn in the thirties.

Dorothy Appleby seems to have worked with Buster Keaton more than any other actress.

Dorothy Granger worked with Laurel and Hardy, she seems to have worked with practically everybody.

Dorothy Lee worked with Wheeler and Woolsey.

This is the end!

Joan Blondell:

Bebe Daniels:

Betty Grable:

Jean Harlow:

Dorothy Lee:

Lila Lee:

Carol Lombard:

Myrna Loy:

Maureen O'Sullivan:

Anita Page:

Mae West:

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