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Producer: Hal Roach
Director: James W. Horne
Music: Leroy Shield (uncredited)
Cast: Charley Chase (Charley), Thelma Todd (Miss Todd), Anita Garvin (Miss Garvin), Dolores Brinkman (Miss Brinkman), Kay Deslys (Miss Deslys), Eddie Dunn (Ricketts, the Butler), Dell Henderson (Mr. Henderson), Carl Stockdale (Mr. Stockdale), Tenen Holtz (Mr. Holtz), Edward Dillon (Mr. Richmond, the Landlord).

The plot of this film involves Charley Chase hiring three "good-time girls" ( Thelma Todd, Anita Garvin, and Kay Deslys ) to help him secure a real estate deal by working their charms on three stuffy businessmen. The initially stuffy businessmen loosen up during the course of the party and start a seltzer water fight. A good time is had by all and Charley Chase manages to secure the deal by the fadeout.

Charlie Chase sings "Smile When The Raindrops Fall" in the film, which was written by Alice Keating Howlett and Will Livernash. The song became a sort of unofficial theme song for him and the title was later used by Andy Edmonds and Brian Anthony for their Charley Chase biography, which was published in 1998.

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SMILE WHEN THE RAINDROPS FALL by Brian Anthony and Andy Edmonds:

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