Monday, November 19, 2012

Alison Loyd

"Alison Loyd" was a stage name Thelma Todd used in the movie CORSAIR, which was made in 1931.

 It wasn't a hit, so she went back to being Thelma Todd again.

Caption from the back of this picture:

But occasionally, you still run across publicity pictures with the name "Alison Loyd" on them.

This one identifies Alison Loyd as Thelma Todd on the back. It also mentions that she's in MONKEY BUSINESS with the Marx Brothers, so they may have been using it to advertise that movie.

With costar Chester Morris, and named only on the back.

Some of these have one name or the other crossed out.

An older photo where they added the new name 

 and later crossed it out and replaced it with the old one.

This one has first one name and then the other crossed out. They evidently had some uncertainty as to which name to use.

Another picture in the same series recieved the same treatment.

Again the first one name crossed out, and then the other.

 This "Alison Loyd" picture appeared in HEBDO in June 1932.

In 1933, this calendar had the same picture of Thelma Todd on it labeled "Alison Loyd".

The name appears at the bottom left of this picture.


An enlargement of the place with the name "Alison Loyd" on it.

A couple of years had passed since CORSAIR had been released, so it's unusual to see the name appearing on anything at this time.

But the name would be used for Thelma Todd again.

At Thelma Todd's funeral there were some flowers with the name "Alison" on a ribbon. They were from Roland West. The guy who was responsible for the name change in the first place. It was like he was still insisting that it was a good idea, that he was right, and that it was everybody else who was wrong.

Roland West was like that.

"Alison Loyd" newspaper article:

CORSAIR Promotion:


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