Saturday, November 24, 2012

Photoplay's Fight Against Reduceomania

Starvation diets were recognized as a problem long ago. Complaints about them go way back, too. Here's something published in PHOTOPLAY back in the silent era.

 In 1926, Catherine Brody wrote a series of articles in PHOTOPLAY about problems related to dieting, which was related to the current ideal of the "flapper", who was supposed to be thinner than the traditional norm in addition to rebelling against things like layers of undergarments and long hair. The movies of the period depicted heroines as being flappers and influenced many young ladies to follow the trend.
 Many stars suffered from the effects of excessive dieting, something which may be ignored or denied by fans not familiar with the problem. The modern media seeks to set abnormal standards which can cause problems to those who might follow them, and the problem is still with us today.
Betty Blythe in the movie SHE, based on the H. Rider Haggard's novel.
Katherine Grant worked with Charlie Chase.
Nita Naldi worked costarred with Rudolph Valentino in BLOOD AND SAND

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