Monday, November 12, 2012

From Mexico With Adulation

American movie stars were very popular in Latin America. Here is a Mexican fan magazine from January 4, 1936, Mujeres Deportes.

At the time this was written, Shirley Temple was the biggest star in the movies.
The cartoon feature appears to be Feg Murry's SEEIN' STARS.

Thelma Todd was still in the news at the beginning of 1936 as she had died recently and the investigation was still trying to figure out if it had been an accident, murder, or suicide. A question that still hasn't been decided absolutely.

This appears to be "Alice in Wonderland".
This magazine also had articles about Clark Gable, Sonja Heinie, and Marie Wilson. This was still early in Marie Wilson's career. In 1946, she would appear in SATAN MET A LADY, which had the same story as THE MALTESE FALCON, the first version of which had Thelma Todd in it.
 Marie Wilson would later gain fame as "My Friend Irma", a character she would play for years.

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