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"Gloria Bullfinch" and "Prince Del Slimo" In Wonder Woman

Did Gloria Vanderbuilt and Pat DiCicco turn up as characters in a 1942 Wonder Woman story?

The names of the characters - "Gloria Bullfinch" and "Prince Guigi Del Slimo" - are close enough to make you wonder, even though there is little physical resemblance.

 Gloria Vanderbuilt had married Pat DiCicco in 1941,

something that would have been fairly recent news at the time that this story was published in

SENSATION COMICS #8 in 1942. This story has heiress "Gloria Bullfinch" as the owner of a department store where poor shopgirls aren't being paid a living wage, all of which comes to the attention of Diana Prince, who is secretly Wonder Woman.

 Gloria Bullfinch does not seem to be aware of the plight of her employees, so Wonder Woman
decides to let her experience firsthand what it is like to be an employee of her own store.

Gloria ( as "Ruth" ) finds that the way the other half lives is not easy.
The scoundrels responsible for the situation at the store decide to rob it, but Wonder Woman is on the job- 
 as are her girl sidekicks, the "Holliday girls"-
The bad guys have the upper hand for the moment, and then this masked mystery man is revealed to be Gloria Bullfinch's manager "Doe", previously mentioned in the story.

 Wonder Woman escapes being locked in the vault with a bomb and returns to unmask "Doe" as none other than Guigi Del Slimo, Gloria Bullfinch's finace.
Guigi Del Slimo recieves his comeuppance in the form of an uppercut from his former fiance.

After the crooks have been dealt with all is made right at the store, and all the girls live happily ever after.
But the charachters of the wealthy heiress and fortune hunting crook are familiar types and would not neccessarily be intended to represent Gloria Vanderbuilt or Pat DiCicco. Any resemblances could have been coincidental, which would have been what they would have said at the time.
A similar Italian villian, "Count Crafti", turned up shortly afterward in WONDER WOMAN #2. He was an agent of Mussolini*, who attempted to charm Wonder Woman as part of a plot by the god Mars ( the villian of the story ) to capture Wonder Woman.
And in SENSATION COMICS #12 there was a reference to a "Patricia Vandergilt", which also sounds like "Vanderbilt", only there wasn't really any Patricia Vandergilt in that story. The bad guys only pretended to be taking Wonder Woman to her yacht to get her to go along with them. They actually took her to Paula Von Gunther, a recurring villianess in the comic book who eventually reformed.

*The Italian leader during the second World War, who was frequently depicted in the comics along with Adolph Hitler and Emporer Hirohito as the leaders of the enemy nations.





Wonder Woman Enemies List, includes Prince Del Slimo ( Wikipedia ):


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