Monday, April 22, 2013

Street & Smith's PICTURE PLAY

Movie magazines were very popular in the thirties, despite the depression.

July 1934 issue, with Myrna Loy on the cover.


Jean Parker would later work with Laurel and Hardy. Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler were very popular at the time, but Shirley Temple became the most popular star of her day.

Marion Davies was not a top star, but she had her fans.

Madeleine Carroll would later work with Bob Hope.

Thelma Todd was not considered one of the biggest stars by Hollywood, but her films were still to be found in the theaters, and her pictures in the fan magazines.
Alice White had been a rival to Clara Bow in the silent era. She was still making movies after sound came in.


The underworld was frequently in the headlines during this period. Alice Faye later made ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE, which had remarkable resemblances to the real life story of Fanny Brice and Nicky Arnstein.
It seems there was some sort of a problem with the way Carole Lombard spelled her name at PICTURE PLAY. Why, I don't know. Everyone else seemed to like it all right with the "e".

Bette Davis early in her career.

Loretta Young a few years after she appeared in SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN.

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