Friday, April 26, 2013

Mabel Todd

Mabel Todd worked with Ted Healy

and she worked with Patsy Kelly

Although this Todd and Kelly team only lasted for one movie,
which actually starred Gary Cooper and Merle Oberon,
 seen at right. Mabel Todd is at left.

Mabel Todd usually seems to have been regarded as comedy relief

 although the fact that she was another Todd who was in comedies appears to have been coincidental.

Her real  last name was Dobbs.
 Mabel Todd also worked in radio

 as a matter of fact she entered the movies after having started on radio.
With Jackie Gleason in 1942,
before he was a television star. 
Mabel Todd's own career ended in 1946.

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Actress (19 titles)
1946Wife Wanted
Florist (uncredited)
1946Down Missouri Way
1944In Society
Manicurist (uncredited)
1943The Ghost and the Guest
Little Sister Mabel
1942The Talk of the Town
Operator (uncredited)
1942Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
1941Blues in the Night
Baby Beth Barton - Singer (uncredited)
1939Mystery of the White Room
Dora Stanley
1939The Mysterious Miss X
Annie Botts
1938Garden of the Moon
Mary Stanton
1938Katnip Kollege (short)
Kitty Bright (voice) (uncredited)
1938Gold Diggers in Paris
1937Hollywood Hotel
Dot Marshall
1937Missing Witnesses
Minor Role (uncredited)
1937Over the Goal
Bee Travis (uncredited)
1937Varsity Show
Soundtrack (4 titles)
1941Blues in the Night(performer: "Says Who? Says You, Says I")
1938Garden of the Moon(performer: "Garden of the Moon" 1938, "Confidentially" 1938)
1938Gold Diggers in Paris(performer: "The Latin Quarter" - uncredited)
1937Hollywood Hotel(performer: "Let That Be a Lesson to You" 1937, "Sing, You Son of a Gun" 1937)

Mabel Todd in BLUES IN THE NIGHT ( 1941 )

THE COWBOY AND THE LADY film clips with Mabel Todd and Patsy Kelly:

Mabel Todd:


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  1. Interesting blog entry, Benny. Two notes. 1) Mabel played Lola Lane's sister in Hollywood Hotel (and of course Lola later owned the cafe/house). 2) One photo mentions the comedy team of Morey Amsterdam and Mabel Todd. What is seldom mentioned is that they were married from 1933-1945.