Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aviation Millinery, Or, A Flapper Needn't Flap So Long As She's Got A Prop

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Aviation millinery is the latest craze, since trans-atlantic commuting became popular. Here is the newest wrinkle in this type of headgear, introduced by Thelma Todd, Paramount leading woman, who says the airplane beauty mark on the cheek must accompany the hat, would one be truly chic.

Thelma Todd's career began at Paramount, and this photo would date to the late twenties. I think it could be related to the movie WINGS, which had a story involving aviation in the first World War.

WINGS was a Paramount production, although it starred Clara Bow, and did not have Thelma Todd in it. Later Thelma Todd was considered for the part that went to Jean Harlow in HELL'S ANGELS, which was another story about World War I flyers.


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