Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Carol Tevis And SING, BABY, SING

When Carol Tevis got a part in the movie SING, BABY, SING, some of the publicity suggested that this would be the first appearance of the voice of  "Minnie Mouse" in a live-action film.

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June 10, 1936Carol Tevis, who speaks the lines for Minnie Mouse in the Walt Disney cartoon, will be seen in "Sing, Baby, Sing," musical now in production at 20th Century-Fox, with Adolphe Menjou, Ted Healy, Alice Faye and Patsy Kelly in the featured cast.

Actually Carol Tevis had appeared in movies since 1931, and the "Blondes And Redheads" series began in 1933. And ultimately her scenes in SING, BABY, SING were cut, so that she wasn't in it anyway.


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