Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Carol Tevis' Voice In THE WIZARD OF OZ

Carol Tevis was one of the voice actors who did the Munchkins' singing in THE WIZARD OF OZ, but they sped her voice up. Here is a video where you can hear the voice of the "Lullaby League" played at normal speed.

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Fun with The Wizard of OZ - deleted scenes and audio from Great Clips on Vimeo.

Here are some alternate audio tracks synched up with the film, as well as deleted scenes with stills inserted.
Apparently, the live on-set recording of the "Over The Rainbow" reprise was done under the first director, Richard Thorpe (with Judy wearing a blonde wig, etc.). Victor Fleming later reshot the song, but that recording has been lost along with the footage. So this may be as close as we'll ever get to seeing how it would have fit into the film.
I've slowed down The Lullaby League, so you can hear the actual voices of Lorraine Bridges, Betty Rome, and Carol Tevis. I've also restored the voices of The Lollipop Guild (Harry Doll, Jerry Maren, and Jackie Gerlich), who were dubbed in the released film by Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colveg and Harry Stanton.
I’ve also added an alternate, slower take of “If I Only Had A Brain” and Buddy Ebsen’s original recording of “If I Only Had A Heart.”


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