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THE HAUNTED HOUSE was also known as THE HOUSE OF HORROR. Today, it is considered a lost film, and only the Vitaphone sound discs for it remain.

The Haunted House (1928 film)

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The Haunted House
Directed byBenjamin Christensen
Produced byRichard A. Rowland
Wid Gunning
Written byRichard Bee
Lajos Bíró
Cornell Woolrich (intertitles)
Based onThe Haunted House
by Owen Davis
StarringLarry Kent
Thelma Todd
Music byMax Bergunker
Gerard Carbonara
Karl Hajos
CinematographySol Polito
Edited byFrank Ware
Distributed byFirst National Pictures
Release dates
  • November 4, 1928 (1928-11-04)
Running time70 minutes
CountryUnited States
English intertitles
The Haunted House is a 1928 American silent comedy-drama film directed by Benjamin Christensen. Christensen also wrote the script under the name Richard Bee. The film stars Larry Kent and Thelma Todd and is based on Owen Davis's 1924 Broadway play of the same name. The Haunted House is now presumed lost,[1] but the entire Vitaphone soundtrack featuring music and sound effects survives and can be heard at as part of the Vitaphone Varieties lineup.



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This movie was part of the horror cycle of the late silent era and was made around the same time as SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN and THE HOUSE OF HORROR, all of which were produced by First National and directed by Benjamin Christensen, and all of which could be seen as similar to THE CAT AND THE CANARY - a smash hit at the time.

Chester Conklin was popular in the silent era and would appear in later recreations such as HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE and THE PERILS OF PAULINE ( 1947 ). He worked with Thelma Todd in FASCINATING YOUTH ( 1926 ), RUBBER HEELS ( 1927 ), THE HAUNTED HOUSE ( 1928 ), and THE HOUSE OF HORROR ( 1929 ).

 Thelma Todd with Larry Kent.

What you go to the show for.

Chester Conklin thinks so, too.

4th Of July Publicity Photo.

THE CRASH was another Thelma Todd movie.

Notice the face that the windows make on the center of the house in the background.

Barbara Bedford:

Chester Conklin:

Benjamin Christensen:



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