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LOVE FEVER, a "Boy Friends" comedy followed LOVE BUSINESS, an "Our Gang" comedy, and led to LET'S DO THINGS, the beginning of the Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd series.

There was more to the association than the involvement of Thelma Todd. Among the cast members of the "Boy Friends" series were Our Gang graduates Mickey Daniels and Mary Kornman, and LOVE FEVER had as it's director Robert McGowan, who had directed LOVE BUSINESS and was the regular director of Out Gang comedies.

Other "Boy Friends" and girlfriends in the cast included David Sharpe, Gertrude Messenger, Grady Sutton, and Dorothy Granger.

The story has it that Thelma Todd is an actress rehearsing a scene from a play.
Which involves a gun.
 One by one, the Boy friends all fall for Thelma.

 But in the end, the girl friends all get their boyfriends back.

 With Dorothy Granger.
 Press sheet for LOVE FEVER.


The poster on the left resembles this photo from the front page
although on the poster the girl is a brunette ( which used to be the stereotype for vamps in the silent era ) and includes the other boys in order to better represent the series.
Thelma Todd was the big selling point in this film, and went on to greater success in her own series with Zasu Pitts, while the "Boy Friends" series didn't last.
Betty Mae and Beverly Crane voiced the credits for two Roach talkies which could be considered preliminaries for the introduction of Thelma Todd's own series, LOVE BUSINESS with Our Gang ( in which her picture was used outside a theater ) and LOVE FEVER with The Boy Friends. "The Boy Friends" even made cameo appearences in the first film in the new series, LET'S DO THINGS.

The Boy Friends Series:
Betty Mae and Beverly Crane:
Dorothy Granger:

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  1. This is easily the best of the 15 "Boyfriends" shorts, solely because of the appearance of Thelma, as she plays along with the boys who think they're helping her.