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Rosina Lawrence In The Fan Magazines


Roach signs Rosina Lawrence. On the same page is an item about Roach's production of feature films.

A couple of items on the right side of the page refer to a couple of gags I don't remember in WAY OUT WEST.

Another item a little further down the column is about A DAY AT THE RACES, which was the Marx Brothers movie where they had Esther Muir in place of Thelma Todd.

Rosina Lawrence is mentioned as being beautiful in a 1934 fan magazine article.

 I agree, but somebody else tore out a different picture and left hers.



 Kitty Carlisle was in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA with the Marx Brothers.

 Rosina Lawrence photo at top left.

 Rosina Lawrence ad for permanent waving solution.
Rosina Lawrence and friends in a beauty cream ad at top left. Rosina Lawrence was also in one of the movies reviewed on the right side of the page, MISTER CINDERELLA, with Jack Haley.

Note that Toby Wing is referred to as being a Roach star. She was in HILL TILLIES with Lyda Roberti and Patsy Kelly, but was better known as a chorus girl in Hollywood musicals.

Rosina Lawrence is in the top row, third from the left. Ruby Keeler ( left ) starred in some of the musicals that Toby Wing appeared in. Ben Blue ( right ) also worked for Hal Roach.

Mary Pickford was a star in the silent era. Both Cecilia Parker and Ann Rutherford appeared in "Andy Hardy" movies, which were among the most popular films of the thirties.

Rosina Lawrence with other starlets at the Hollywood Photographer's Frolic, 1937.

Frances Gifford later became famous for playing "Nyoka the Jungle Girl". Barbara Pepper and June Travis appeared in comedy movies in this period. Pete Smith had his own series of "Pete Smith Specialties" at MGM. Cecilia Parker played "Andy Hardy's" sister, also at MGM.

Rosina Lawrence hits the hay in CINE-MUNDIAL, a Spanish language movie magazine.

Virginia Bruce and Maureen O'Sullivan were stars at MGM.

Rosina Lawrence at bottom right in an Italian language movie magazine.

Rosina Lawrence's last movie was made in Italy.
Rosina Lawrence:


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