Friday, March 28, 2014

Lyda Roberti, Patsy Kelly, Rosina Lawrence - Fan Magazines

Some news items from when they were all working together.


"Fashionable Comediennes" at right is about the three girls.

In the middle of the page is an article that says that Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, and Rosina Lawrence are to make a movie called GIRLS GO WEST.
 It sounds as if the original idea was to make a western with the girls, and then they made it a Laurel and Hardy movie instead.
An announcement for a movie called TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT.
 TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT was a working title for WAY OUT WEST, which was originally slated to have Jacqueline Wells in the part that eventually went to Rosina Lawrence. Sharon Lynne was in it,  but Lyda Roberti wasn't.
There is an article about Roach's preparations at the top of the page, and one about Rosina Lawrence in the middle of the page. "The Avalon Four" aka "The Avalon Boys" were in NOBODY'S BABY as well as AT SEA ASHORE. They also were in WAY OUT WEST.
 A review of NOBODY'S BABY is right of the center of the page.
On the right is an announcement
that Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, and Rosina Lawrence have been added to the cast of PICK A STAR.
 A review of PICK A STAR in the middle of this page.

PICK A STAR was the last film to have Lyda Roberti, Patsy Kelly, and Rosina Lawrence all in it.




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