Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FUNNYMAN And Danny Kaye

After being taken off of SUPERMAN at DC Comics, Siegel and Shuster tried another comic book character called "Funnyman". Funnyman is recognizable as a caricature of Danny Kaye. There is also a girl named "Lola" in this story. This sounds like another reference to Lola Lane, who was one of the Lane Sisters, and after whom they had previously named "Lois Lane".

The blonde in this story seems to be a more or less typical comic book villainess, but the blondes in FUNNYMAN comics could also be related to Virginia Mayo, with whom Danny Kaye frequently worked.

This particular story was published in 1948, and the art is by John Sikela, who had worked with Siegel and Shuster at DC Comics..

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"Aldous Huxter" is a reference to writer Aldous Huxley: a huckster is someone who is trying to sell something. And Superman had a radio program that was periodicly interrupted by commercials for corn flakes. They had those on the television program later on, too.








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