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"Hollywood Victory Caravan" In Superman Sunday Comics

A story in the Sunday Superman comic strip involved the real-life "Hollywood Victory Caravan", although in the comic they didn't seem to be depicting the stars who were actually involved in that effort.

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The Hollywood personalities depicted in the strip don't seem to match the ones in the photo below.

The Hollywood Victory Caravan included Eddie
                                      Dowling President of Camp Shows, Ray Bolger, Mitzi
                                       Mayfair, Louis Polanski, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jane
                                       Pickens, Benay Venuta, and Show M.C. John Garfield.

 Another photo showing the entertainers who were part of this effort.

Laurel and Hardy can be seen at the left in this photo.

The first Sunday page in the story has a blonde girl called "Irma Forsythe" who is said to have originally come from Nazi Germany, which sounds like Marlene Dietrich. Although Marlene Dietrich was said to have been the actress who spent the most time entertaining the troops during the war, in real life she was not part of the Hollywood Victory Caravan.

Sometimes in Superman stories they would show depict real-life personalities, such as Orson Welles or even Wheeler and Woolsey*, but they didn't do that in this story.

* Wheeler and Woolsey's likenesses were used in Superman comics, but the characters were not actually identified in the stories as Wheeler and Woolsey. Their characters were calleded "Hocus" and "Pocus", and were a couple of magicians.

Hollywood Victory Caravan:

Wheeler and Woolsey used as characters in Superman comics:


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