Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tribute To Carole Landis By Costar Cesar Romero

Cesar Romero was one of Carole Landis' costars in the movies.

He was also one of the pallbearers at her funeral.
Original Newsphoto Caption: The coffin containing the body of Carole Landis is shown just before it was carried to its final resting place in Forest Lawn Cemetery. The front pallbearer at left is Cesar Romero, motion picture star, while at the right front is Willard Parker. Both were close friends of the lovely actress who took her own life. To the right, Mrs. Clara Landis, mother of Carole, is dazed with grief as the body of her daughter is committed to the earth.

Here is a tribute to Carole Landis that Cesar Romero wrote after her death, which was published by the Carole Landis fan club, which was called "The Carolers".

"My dear Carole, I have been asked by some of your fans to write something about you in the way of a tribute so that it may be published in the club journal. I confess this is a job I have never had to do before and I don't know just how to start, so don't be too angry if I don't do you justice. You left the stage of life way too soon my dear and your friends and fans miss you very much. Personally I am very happy and proud to have been one of your friends and to have had the honor of working with you in four pictures. There was never a dull day on the set with you. Your lovely face, the warmth of your personality, your vitality and delightful sense of humor were something I always looked forward to and which made the average working day truly a pleasure. I remember the fun we had when we made "Dance Hall" together and what a wonderful sport you were on the nights that we had to work until five o'clock in the morning. You never complained about a thing, but took it in your stride as part of your job and loved every minute of it. I'm afraid that couldn't be said about all our fair ladies of the screen. You were a good actress Carole and you owe it only to yourself. You worked hard, studied and learned a great deal in a very short time. What is more important, you were a good daughter, sister and aunt. You loved your family and never shirked your duty toward them. You helped them in every way possible and brought them much happiness. Of that you can be extremely proud. I think that I can say in all honesty that you did more than your share in life. Your record during the war will always stand as a monument to your memory. The boys that you entertained overseas will never forget and neither will their families. You brought them cheer and a touch of home when they really needed it most. That was a tough job, as I know only too well, but as usual you sailed through it with flying colors - a trooper if there ever was one. You were a fine girl Carole, and you made every moment of your life count. I only wish that life had treated you as kindly as you treated it. As I said before, I'm proud to have been your friend. Sleep well my dear."

Carole Landis and Cesar Romero under happier circumstances.

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