Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hal Roach And Patsy Kelly At 1937 MGM Banquet

Hal Roach and Patsy Kelly as well as Oliver Hardy, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable and many other stars can be seen on their way to a big banquet MGM was holding in stage 27. Jean Harlow is walking hand-in-hand with Louis Mayer near the start. The film must date to May 1937, because Jean Harlow is dressed in a costume from her last movie, "Saratoga ".

That would also mean that this was around the time that PICK A STAR with Patsy Kelly was released. Laurel and Hardy both appeared in that as well as Patsy Kelly, Rosina Lawrence, and Lyda Roberti. PICK A STAR actually was the last film that Laurel and Hardy, as well as Patsy Kelly made for Roach that year, and the last film that Lyda Roberti and Rosina Lawrence made for Roach.

Jean Harlow:

Jean Harlow in SARATOGA:

Patsy Kelly:


Hal Roach:


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  1. Response from Quinn O'Hara on facebook: "Patsy was an excellent actor . I am
    very fortunate that I had the chance to work with her. She had a great
    personality too."