Friday, March 9, 2012


DO YOU WANT TO BE BEAUTIFUL? is another magazine article about Thelma Todd with a provocative title that asks us a question concerning beauty. It was originally published in PICTUREGOER July 5, 1933. This was a British cinema publication and was written while she was in England making the movie YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU with Stanley Lupino. Stanley Lupino was Ida Lupino's father and a star in England at the time.

The cover of this issue has Carole Lombard on it.

An earlier issue had a picture of Thelma Todd from FRA DIAVOLO on the cover. She had gone to England to promote that movie, in which she costarred with Laurel and Hardy.

A page from FILM MONTHLY, July 1933


Here, a retoucher drew in a veil for Thelma.

"Why ain't you got one?"


And a poster for the film.

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