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I LIKE MOUNTAIN MUSIC is a 1933 Warner Brothers cartoon involving magazine covers. A number of characters that are supposed to be from the magazine covers appear in the story, including charicatures of a number of movie stars.  I thought one of these characters was supposed to be Thelma Todd.

Harmon and Ising worked on some of the early Warner Brothers cartoons. Leon Schlesinger was in charge of the operation for years.

"Mountain music" was a term that was used at the time for what would today be called country western.

George Arliss at left in front of MOTION PICTURE.

I thought this one looked like Thelma Todd. The magazine title is a reference to COLLEGE HUMOR. The character jumps off the cover and sings "I like mountain music!"

Mystery stories were popular at the time and many well known writers came from the pulps, including Dashiel Hammet and Earle Stanley Gardner.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson characters emerge from the pulp to trail the villian.


Here is an issue of COLLEGE HUMOR from 1933. I did not find one that actually had a cover like the one in the cartoon, but the magazine did have pretty girls on the cover.


Here are three pictures of Thelma Todd from the 1932 movie SPEAK EASILY for comparison to the girl in the cartoon.

Thelma Todd with Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante. We know today that Keaton's career was already going downhill, but Keaton's MGM talkies were popular at the time and nobody in the audience knew what was in store for him. Keaton himself spoke well of this movie and thought it was one of the better ones he did for MGM.

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