Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries ( Picturegoer )

Picturegoer July 3, 1937
Hollywood's unsolved mysteries. This isn't a very good copy, but I'll go ahead and post it, maybe a better copy will turn up eventually.

Much of this is standard stuff, about the same as you see in other accounts, although I'm not familiar with, Ross Alexander who they say was shot four months after marrying Anna Nagel. They might have made a bigger deal of that in England ( this is an English publication ) than they did here, Anna Nagel was English.


  1. Quite an unique set of information. Where did you get this rare cut out form? Very impressive blog this!

    1. I'm not sure, I've had that PICTUREGOER article a while. I got it on the internet.

    2. The writer seemed to be implying a sinister connection between Friele and Alexander's deaths, without providing any real proof beyond "whispers." Seems rather irresponsible in retrospect.

    3. Regarding the Alexander story, that writer really shouldn't have bothered discussing it if all he had were "whispers" and no real details.

  2. It often seems that all they have is rumors.