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Carole Landis Vs. Carole Lombard

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who both grew up to be bathing beauties.

                                                       One worked for Mack Sennett.

Carole Lombard as she looked when she worked for Sennett.

And one worked for Hal Roach
Carole Landis around the time she started working for Hal Roach.
 In each case, they made considerable progress in their careers, and each made an effort to contribute to the war effort during the second World War. But both would continue to be associated with comedies in the eyes of the public.

                        This magazine article makes a comparison.  From SCREEN GUIDE, April 1941

There were some similarities between Carole Landis and Carole Lombard. But was there some sort of rivalry between the two, as some stories would have it? Did they ever even meet?
Answer From Carole Landis' Niece*, Reblogged from :
No, they never met. Carole Landis was a huge Lombard fan and had her picture plastered all over her bedroom wall when she was a child. That’s why she chose the stage name Carole. Some sources say she actually chose Carol out of a phone book and then added the “e” to be like Lombard. There is a quote Carole gave when a reporter told her they looked alike – “If I look like Miss Lombard – and I don’t – please spare her the humiliation.”
Carole Lombard with Dapne Pollard, center, in THE CAMPUS VAMP. Madalynne Fields is at left, and Sally Eilers is at right.
Carole sporting the Pathe Rooster, which was the symbol of Mack Sennett's distributor, Pathe.

Poster showing Mack Sennett's stars. Several of them went to Roach, including Harry Langdon and Ben Turpin. Mary Ann Jackson was in Our Gang comedies.
 The coming of sound brought an influx of many stage people into Hollywood to work in the talkies. Here we see Carole Lombard with Marx Brothers Groucho and Harpo, with Jackie Cooper in between. It was in this period that the Marx Brothers worked with Thelma Todd. Jackie Cooper appeared in "Our Gang" comedies for Roach before he went to Paramount.

SINNERS IN THE SUN, 1932. Looks like Carole Lombard's still a bathing beauty in this one, even without Mack Sennett's involvement. Chester Morris, right, had made CORSAIR with Thelma Todd the year before.
BOLERO, 1934. George Raft had ties with the New York underworld, but he became famous as a dancer, even if he didn't usually dance in the movies. In this one he danced with Carole Lombard.
THE GAY BLADE, 1934. This was the year after the Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd series ended. Zasu Pitts was much in demand at other studios at the time.
Carole Lombard used to be one of the negligee girls, but later publicity slapped the new label of two-fisted he-man girl on her. It wasn't really all that unique ( all the girls in comedies were alleged to be kind of rough ), but you were supposed to think it was. She wound up married to Clark Gable in any case. 
Carole Lombard raises the flag at bond rally in Indianapolis as the Governor adresses the crowd.
Carole Lombard selling war bonds. This would be her last public appearence before she was killed in a plane crash.
Carole Landis was a "negligee girl" too.
TOPPER RETURNS - Carole Landis at right center, Joan Blonell left, Roland Young, center, Billie Burke at right.
MOON OVER MIAMI teamed Carole Landis with Betty Grable and Charlotte Greenwood in a film that foreshadowed HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE with Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall. Studio bosses considered the blondes to all be interchangeable.
Carole Landis sighs for the troops on the radio show COMMAND PERFORMANCE. They also filmed the event for posterity.
FOUR JILLS IN A JEEP was based on the real-life WWII trour of Carole Landis, Mitzi Mayfair, Kay Francis, and Martha Raye to entertain the troops.
The Four Jills In Their Jeep
The Four Jills entertaining the troops overseas.
Chow time for Carole Landis and Mitzi Mayfair.
On a later tour, Carole Landis signs autographs in the Pacific.
FOUR JILLS IN A JEEP is Carole Landis' story of her famous WWII tour.
CAROLE LANDIS: A MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL was written by Eric Gans, who belongs to my yahoo group "The Carolers".
I have not read any books about Carole Lombard and so cannot reccomend any of them. She came from the state of Indiana, which is where I live, too, but I don't have any kind of association with her family.  
*This niece is presumably Tammy, who I remember from the official site as well as the yahoo club I started for Carole Landis myself, called "The Carolers" after the original fan club for Carole Landis. 

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