Saturday, December 22, 2012

Death Of Thelma Todd LA Times Pt. 4

The story unfolds further, but the outcome remains uncertain as the investigation continues.

 Roland West, Mrs. Alice Todd, and May Whitehead - better copy of photo in next article.

Showing the Thelma Todd articles on this page at lower magnification to get them all in.

Section from upper left shown at increased magnification.

                                     Section from lower left shown at increased magnification.

Section from the right shown at increased magnification.

Picture of funeral.
Envelope that contained threat to waiter Alex Hounie.
Threat to waiter Alex Hounie, made up of words cut from newspapers or magazines.






 The items on the lower left of this section refer to Mussolini's war against Ethiopia. This was one of the actions that eventually led to the second World War.
Mussolini afterwards wanted Hal Roach to come to Italy to make movies and Rosina Lawrence would go to Italy to make one film. The rest of the movie industry had some complaints about the idea of Roach being associated with Mussolini, an Axis partner of Germany's Hitler.

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