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Death Of Thelma Todd: MYSTERIES AND SCANDALS Series

The death of Thelma Todd was discussed on an episode of the television series MYSTERIES AND SCANDALS.

Mysteries and Scandals

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Mysteries and Scandals
Also known asMysteries & Scandals
Created byMichael Danahy
Directed byJoel K. Rodgers
Liz Flynn
Presented byA.J. Benza
Narrated byA.J. Benza
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes152 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Betsy Rott
Gary Socol
Michael Danahy
Producer(s)Chip Bell
Victoria Chapman
Liz Flynn
Karin Londgren
Alison Martino
Daniel Schwartz
Lynne Morgan
Colin Whelan
Dan Abrams
Running time22–24 minutes
Original channelE!
Original runApril 9, 1998 (1998-04-09) – February 19, 2001 (2001-02-19)
Mysteries and Scandals (also known as Mysteries & Scandals) is an American television program hosted by A.J. Benza.[1] The series was originally broadcast on the E! network from March 1998 until February 2001.


The series detailed the lives of various celebrities, both well known and somewhat obscure. Most celebrities that were featured endured hardships or died untimely deaths. The series interviewed various celebrities who knew the subject along with still photographs accompanied by narrations, and dramatic reenactments.
The show was highly stylized and presented each episode in a noir fashion with backdrops set in various Hollywood locations and narrated in a deadpan fashion by Benza. His memorable catchphrase "Fame, ain't it a bitch," would later became the title of Benza's autobiography.[2]
The series aired for three seasons. Episodes were repeated on E! for a period of time after the series' initial run.


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Thelma Todd was the subject of the seventh episode of this series. Andy Edmonds ( author of the book HOT TODDY )

 and Marvin Wolf ( author of the magazine article THELMA TODD'S MURDER SOLVED ) both appear in this program.

It's interesting to see Andy Edmonds and Marvin Wolf on camera, but neither proves anything and they weren't even the first ones to tell the stories that are often associated with them. About the same story that Andy Edmonds had can be found in John McCabe's MR. LAUREL AND MR. HARDY , and the story that Marvin Wolf presented ( and as "new" ) can be found in Laurie Jacobson's
HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK* - which he actually had listed in the bibliography of his book FALLEN ANGELS, where he previously written about Thelma Todd. FALLEN ANGELS also reused one of the same pictures of Thelma Todd that was in HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK.

William Donati also appeared in this show. More recently he came out with his own book, THE LIFE AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF THELMA TODD.**


Donati's book represents the accident theory as the more likely solution, just as he did on this show. But I don't suppose we'll ever know for sure.

* HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK also mentions Luciano in connection with Thelma Todd, but doesn't have the same story as in John McCabe's book - which didn't mention Luciano by name.


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