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Death Of Thelma Todd LA Times Pt. 7

Regular coverage of this story stopped in January 1936, but occasionally there would be more news items after that.

From January 19, 1936.

January 19, 1936 part 2

The sudden death of John Gilbert drew attention from the case of Thelma Todd, but coverage of that story would have ended in any case, as did the investigation itself.

An article that originaly appeared in the LA Times January 26, 1936.

January 26, 1936 Part 2

Thelma Todd's part was largely eliminated from THE BOHEMIAN GIRL because Stan Laurel was afraid that adverse publicity would hurt the picture.

March 28, 1936

Although there was no proof that Thelma Todd had been murdered, there likewise had been no proof of suicide. Some people complained about the way the authorities had handled the case. Sometimes they would point to this particular incident. It is mentioned in a number of books about Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries.

October 12, 1936

After selling Thelma Todd's posessions, Mrs. Alice Todd went back to live in Massachusetts, where she would live for the rest of her days.

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