Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Death Of Thelma Todd LA Times Pt. 5

The investigation continues and so does the news coverage. But will it ever lead anywhere?

 Busby Berkely was in bad traffic accident not long before Thelma Todd died, and his wreck doesn't seem to have been all that far away from the Sidewalk Cafe. Here we see stories pertaining to the two tragedies run side by side.
December 24, 1935 at lower magnification.

                                                                                         December 24, 1935 at higher magnification.

Sid Grauman had the Chinese theater where movie stars left their footprints in the cement. The others were all involved in Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe. Rudy Schafer's son was the source of some of the information in Donati's book on Thelma Todd.
Thelma Todd's height had previously been stated to be five feet four inches, but this article gives a height of five feet three inches.  


Czechoslavakia's invasion by Germany ( beginning in 1938 ) was another step that led to the second World War.

Dec. 25, 1935 pt. 2 at lower magnification.

                                                                      December 25, 1935 shown at higher magnification.



Rudy Schafer ( who had the same name as his father, pictured in an above article ) told us details of  gambling that was going on at the Sidewalk Cafe. These details were not made public at the time.
December 26, 1935

December 27, 1935

January 4, 1935



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