Monday, May 26, 2014

John Austin On The Tom Snyder Show

John Austin appeared on an episode of the Tom Snyder show to talk about his book MORE OF HOLLYWOOD'S UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.

On this program Austin mentions having known Carole Landis during the second World War, something he had also told me, and which I had put on this blog before. But according to the authorities Carole Landis was unable to have children due to a medical condition, which would mean that the story that she killed herself when she was pregnant was not correct. That was only a story that they told after she died, which had been told about Lupe Velez before that.

The site where I found the link to this program mentioned that Austin didn't realize that one of the callers meant Thelma Todd when they referred to a comedienne with a restaurant who had trouble with the mafia. They also said that when Austin got around to talking about Thelma Todd, he "got the story wrong". Actually he just gave a different story than the one they wanted. And I wouldn't say that the story that Roland West accidentally killed Thelma Todd was the right one, but it's frequently presented as such. So it was no surprise that Austin had that one in his book too.

John Austin on the Tom Snyder show:

John Austin and Carole Landis:



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